Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research
Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research
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Criminal and Investigative Research: Satisfying Due Diligence

The workshop has been updated and the material appears in a new location. If you attended the Summer 2004 workshop and would like access to the new site, please send me your full name, as well as the date and location of the workshop. Send the request to tvceditor [at] virtualchase [dot] com

The Criminal and Investigative Research (CIR) teaching Web accompanies a workshop sponsored by the Legal Division of Special Libraries Association (SLA) during Summer 2004. The workshop examines due diligence requirements in criminal and investigative research. It discusses the differences between public records and public and private information, reviews major sources of public information and suggests investigative research strategies. While it focuses on people investigations, it covers sources and strategies relevant also in company and other areas of investigative research.

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