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What People Say About The Virtual Chase

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What people say ...

"For court documents, try the Virtual Chase."

~"In the Land of the Free," The Guardian, 11 January 2005

"The Virtual Chase [is] a site packed with Internet research advice."

~PC World, April 2004, pg. 77

 "I need to read the TVC Alert every morning because I can't be everywhere or find out everything or keep up with all that's going on in the worlds of legal and nonlegal research and on the Web in general, but Genie Tyburski can.... [S]he has a knack for predicting what's going to happen tomorrow and the next day."

~quoting Bill Jack, reference librarian and legal research instructor at William Mitchell College of Law, Visionaries in Law Librarianship, AALL Spectrum, July 2003

 [The Virtual Chase] has become ... a central stop for information seekers from all walks of life.

~Marylaine Block, The CyberSkeptic's Guide, May 2003

 The Virtual Chase provides an impressive amount of guidance about performing legal research on the Internet and evaluating Web-based information.

~Ronald R Tidd, "The Deep Web: Finding the Internet's Buried Treasures," Taxes, Feb. 2002, pg. 

 The Virtual Chase is a practical, interesting and well designed site for legal professionals.

~Bob Ambrogi, The Best and Worst Legal Sites on the Web (ALM Publishing, 2001). Gives our site a 5-star rating.

 Listed in ABA TECHSHOW's 60 Sites Hall O' Fame

~Law Practice Management, Jul/Aug 2001, pg. 41

 Mentioned as an example in "Listservs Bring Law Firms New Business," LegalBiz Online, May 2001

 [T]his site offers a fine gateway to resources in legal research. The directories are well-organized and helpfully annotated. The site also has many other valuable features for researchers in the law....

~The Scout Report for Social Sciences & Humanities, May 1, 2001

 Although The Virtual Chase is designed for legal researchers, it is jam packed with useful sources and search strategies for the business researcher as well, particularly the primer on finding information on companies.

~The BestBizWeb Eletter, April 2001

 The Virtual Chase is aimed at library and legal professionals but it should be of great use to all Web researchers.

~Simon Collery, Free Pint, April 23, 2001

 [The Virtual Chase] gives thorough explanations of how to conduct and evaluate research on the Web, and it goes far beyond the commonsense pointers that many sites provide.

~Stephanie Clifford, eCompany Now, February 7, 2001

 [P]opular sites include FindLaw, The Virtual Chase (www.virtualchase.com) and Westlaw. Without such sites, 'There are some things you'd never find,' Siskind said.

~quoting Greg Siskind, The Tennessean, Business Section, January 7, 2001; also appears in Michelle Kessler, "Jury's In...," USA Today, page 6E, November 13, 2000.

 One commendable first-stop Web site is www.virtualchase.com, ... [which] has received accolades from attorneys throughout the country.

~Nana Nakano, Los Angeles Lawyer, January 2001, pg. 14

 Genie Tyburski's Virtual Chase site ... is not only one of my favorite starting points for law-related resources on the Internet; it also illustrates the difference between a good site and one that really stands out.

~G. Burgess Allison, Law Practice Management
(See Technology Update, pgs. 14-15, May/Jun 1999.)

 For readers of this newspaper, I recommend The Virtual Chase, a site run ... by Genie Tyburski, the law librarian at Philadelphia's Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll.

~Jonathan Groner, Legal Times
(See "Legal Web Site of the Week," Legal Times, 22 March 1999, pg. 46.)

 Genie Tyburski, a law librarian in Philadelphia, runs a site about reliable research on line, which includes pointers on how to avoid being duped.

~Tina Kelly, New York Times
(See "Whales in the Minnesota River?," 4 March 1999, G1, G8, G9.  Registration required.)

 Cited as an authority in: Two Amarillo Globe-News articles: "Smart Surfing," and "Tips Help Internet Users Evaluate Information," in the Friends and Neighbors section, 29 March 2000.

 "Teaching Users to Evaluate Internet Sites: Sources on Sources," Searcher, May 2000, pp. 68-70.

I've been subscribing to the Virtual Chase for several years and thought it was about time I told you how great and useful I think it is. I am a business librarian for a state government agency, not a law librarian. I want to keep up on law librarianship, copyright, and other current subjects. I find TVC to be of enormous value in keeping myself current. The annotations are great. I read every issue and route them all to my staff. I often find information I need to retain permanently. Thank you for a very useful and valuable service.

~Barbara S. Beverley, New York State Dept. of Economic Development

The newsletter is great, informative, timely and the best in this area. I don't know how you manage to do it. Coverage is great and there is always something interesting to read.

I attended your seminar in NY -- a well done presentation. And it was obvious the audience appreciated your excellent preparation.

~Richard Bennett

Just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate TVC Alert. What an excellent resource for both legal information and Internet search tips! I'm finding it invaluable as I gather resources for our new paralegal and criminal justice programs.

~Michelle Bing, Miller-Motte Technical College

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy TVC Alert. Like most busy lawyers who try to keep up using the electronic sources available to us, I invest quite a bit of (my) time looking at e-resources and a fair amount of (client) time using them to background facts and research law. TVC Alert almost always has a couple of links I can use or which lead to other resources useful to my practice as a trial lawyer.

~Colin E. Kaufman, Greenhill Partners, P.C.

 Just wanted to thank you for this terrific newsletter. I've been receiving the TVC Alert for about a year now, and it's been consistently informative and full of useful tips. Thanks so much for your effort in putting it together.

~Simon Canick, Reference Librarian, Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Columbia University

 Your presentation, The Invisible Web: Hidden Online Research Tools, is outstanding! The TVC Alert is my Web-based NPR; if I don't read it everyday, I know I am missing some valuable information.

~Paul Barron, Technology Director, Rockbridge County Schools

 As I read the TVC Alerts I received last week I was struck once again by what an incredibly useful, informative service this newsletter is. The summaries give me enough information to decide whether to check out the link, and invariably I find stories of interest.

~Mary Rumsey, Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian, University of Minnesota Law School

 Your site is the most helpful one I have found for helping teachers, including media specialists, evaluate Internet information. Consequently, they will be better prepared to help students evaluate information. Please continue in developing this excellent resource!

~Gloria Bush, Library Media Supervisor, Mobile County Public Schools

 [T]hanks for all your hard work on the Virtual Chase. I have found that I can limit the amount of news clipping services because you often have many of the articles included in the Virtual Chase. Not only do you provide many useful and timely topics, but also provide great shortcut ideas for navigating the Web.

~Lisa C. Farmer, Law Librarian, Eastman & Smith LTD.

 I recently signed up for the TVC Alert in an effort to expand my skills as an administrative assistant. Your news bulletin has turned out to be even more comprehensive than I had anticipated, and I wanted to thank you for your fine work.

~Wendy Faucon, Portland, Oregon

 Just thought I would take a minute to tell you how *great* this resource is!

I often find links that are very useful to us. Being a newspaper, our subject interests are pretty eclectic.

~Tim Rozgonyi, Assistant Technology Systems Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 I highly value the TVC Alert. It quickly synthesizes most of what I need to know about technology, the information industry, our profession and the Internet on a daily basis. I feel like I'm on top of most issues which affect information retrieval and administration in law firms these days. It's a monstrous task to keep up with all of it but the Alert focuses on the most important aspects of our changing information world.

~Harriet Day, Director of Library Services, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

 I am writing to thank you for your amazing web site. It really keeps me current and introduces me to high quality online resources. I have also appreciated receiving xerox copies of excellent articles. TVC Alert is absolutely the best -- I don't know how anyone in the information field
can live without it!

~Gretchen Chamberlin, Reference Librarian, Tredyffrin Public Library

 Just wanted to thank you for the copy of your 'Honest Mistakes, Deceptive Facts' article that you faxed through to me.

Congratulations on the Virtual Chase website too - it is very impressive with some great content. Although I've written similar content for our own use, I'm learning heaps more from the Virtual Chase and realising how much more there is to interpreting Web information!

~Malcolm Allen, Electronic Commerce Team, International (Policy and Legislation), Australian Taxation Office

 I've appreciated your work on LLRX and Virtual Chase for a long time, but never got around to subscribing to your TVC Alert before. Now, that I've done it, I feel like giving myself a good old Homer Simpson "DOH" headslap ... what was I waiting around for?

~Jim Calloway, Director, Management Assistance Program, Oklahoma Bar Association

 I spent more time reviewing your Web site; it is a tour-de-force!

~Paul Barron, Director of Technology, Rockbridge County Schools, Lexington, Virginia

 I have received the TYBURSKI FILES kindly sent by you. They are wonderfully, charmingly well written and have a very high knowledge density; I have not met something at this high level till now.

~Dr Peter Gluck, Senior Consultant Web Searcher, Dynamic Network Technologies

 I find your articles and analysis to be among the best available in the field of Net legal Research. Keep up the good work.

~Thomas Carr, Analyst, Library of Congress

 I look forward to your newsletters daily. They are truly one of the more informed web information/contact zines I have ever subscribed to. Your new resources section has proved very valuable in many of my cases already. Thanks for the hard work, and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

~Rob Bailey, Cyberdetective

 Your daily newsletter is the first mail I open. I spent some time explaining at Online World that the newsletter is not only for the law crowd.

~Gary D. Price, Direct Search

 This is one of the most outstanding and useful sites I have found.

~George J. Hayward, Esq., New York

 [A]fter downloading the new IE 5.5, [and while] using WestMate 7.2[, I] started having problems [with WestMate]. I thought it was some random problem .... Well, [then I] find out from the Virtual Chase (a great resource, btw) that it's not a random problem but an "issue" that may not be resolved until (a) I go back to IE 5.1, (b) I decide to use West on the Web ..., or (c) Westlaw releases a new version of Westmate.

~Heather Cline Hoganson, Staff Counsel, California Office of Administrative Hearings

 I discovered your site recently and requested and received copies of articles from the Tyburski Files which are so informative. I thought I knew about internet research, but now know I have lots to learn.

~Victoria Thomas, ComputerNet, Inc.

 THANK YOU SO MUCH for your informative daily email new/web site service. Since I could not go to SLA [Special Libraries Association 2000 annual convention], this special report made me feel like I was there gaining information I have never heard about before.

~Michelle Kuczma, Director of Library Services, Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger

 [T]hanks for letting me use the article[, Honest Mistakes, Deceptive Facts,] in my workshop. It was a hit. I've gotten a lot of good feedback.

~Joe Dulak, Director, Academic Skills Center, St. Mary's University of Minnesota

 Just recently subscribed to your TVC Alert and have enjoyed the publication very much ... keep up the excellent work!!

~Marcus P. Zillman, CEO BotTechnology.com, Producer BOT2000 New York, Executive Producer/Host Internet-101.com Television Show

 I conducted a 30-minute legal research presentation last week for our law department. The Virtual Chase and LLRX were invaluable sources!!!

~Larry Zamora, Litton Corporate Library, Woodland Hills, CA

 I just completed a week of Internet training for our attorneys and support staff.... I sent out a request on this list [law-lib] for suggestions for topics[....] I would especially like to thank Genie Tyburski for her Virtual Chase, and Cindy Chick and Sabrina Pacifici for their LLRX, which are pure gold.

~Beverly Rubenstein, MD Attorney General's Office

 You continue to amaze and delight me with the formatting and content of your work. I find that you tend to dominate my LAW Research Bookmark listings. You are the best I've found. I refer my colleagues to your pages for style, content, and general matters.

~Lee Charlten, Research Ideas International, Inc.

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