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16 September 2007
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Form Instructions

Enter your search criteria in the form to your right and click on search.

Select a particular state or region of the country to limit your search. The default is to search all courts.

Limit your search to a particular date range. To search one day, enter the same beginning and end date. To search forward, just enter a beginning date. To search backward, just enter an end date. The default is to search for cases without a date range.

Limit your search by selecting both a state or region and a date range. This may help reduce the number of search results.

A party name must be entered to perform a search.

Select to receive results with the case title or without case title. The default is to show results without a case title.

Results are displayed as extracted from the database to optimize search speeds. The complete search results should be reviewed when attempting to locate a case. The results may appear to be in alphabetical order, but may not be.

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Searches of the bankruptcy index may not display complete results for cases that were archived at bankruptcy courts prior to conversion to CM/ECF. The PACER Service Center is working to resolve the problem by the end of October 2006. In the interim, the archived cases are available by searching the court's PACER site. Click here for links to all PACER sites.

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