Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research
Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research
Legal research requires the use of special tools and publications. The Virtual Chase informs about Web sites and research strategies for finding the law. Search:  
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Justia Has Acquired The Virtual Chase

Ballard Spahr is pleased to announce that legal information publisher Justia has acquired The Virtual Chase and intends to continue its development. Justia has built several useful information tools and resources. We look forward to working with them to make this transition as smooth as possible. Watch the site for upcoming details.

Everything Has an End

To paraphrase Shakespeare, the inaudible and noiseless foot of time passes almost without notice. Indeed, the past 12 years, spent writing about research strategies and resources, flew by in no small part because of the fun I had doing it. Yet change is the essence of the times, making 12 years rather a long stretch.

Saying goodbye is never easy. I've enjoyed the generous support of Ballard Spahr for my creative endeavors. I've received much encouragement over the years from the legal community. My peers have kindly awarded my efforts.

But the demands of managing a Web site increasingly took me away from my first love - providing library and research services to lawyers. Now I have an opportunity to return to working closely with Ballard Spahr's lawyers and library staff. Starting today, I will be library manager, overseeing all services and assisting the director of the library.

While the decision to close The Virtual Chase was not made lightly, I'm convinced it's the best choice for both the firm and me. I will take down the site gradually over the next several months unless I find someone willing to archive it or continue its development. I anticipate that the site will be completely offline by no later than May 2009 (and quite possibly, sooner) except in the event of a new owner.

Thank you for your patronage over the years. This chapter of my professional life was truly a most extraordinary and rewarding experience.

Genie Tyburski, Web Manager
tvceditor [at] virtualchase [dot] com

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Online Legal, Regulatory & Intellectual Property Research

Introduction to Online Legal, Regulatory & Intellectual Property Research, Genie Tyburski, Editor



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: 24 October 1996
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