Public Records Research: Sources, Search Tips and Legal Basics

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Washington, D.C.
16 September 2007
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The Public Record Research System (PRRS) - Web

PRRS - Web "ala carte"

Local Court and County Record Retrievers - Web
Enhanced content! Also includes additional searches for
database vendors, search firms and screening firms.

The MVR Book & Decoder Digest - Web Version

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BRB Subscriber Update

MVR Book Decoder Digest - Web Update
Updated content was posted for 20 states in the MVR Web subscription product. Key updates include forthcoming driving record price increases in July for IN and UT, and in August for WA. Other critical on this update include various changes to accident records, vehicle records, and vessel records.

PRRS-Web Improvement
We have updated and improved the layouts of the profiles for County Courts, State Agencies and Federal Record Centers.  You will find them easier to navigate and read. 

BRB's Public Records Blog
Keep in touch with the latest news on public records and the government agencies that provide them.  




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