Public Records Research: Sources, Search Tips and Legal Basics

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Washington, D.C.
16 September 2007
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New! Public Records
Individual States... Judgments & Liens, Business & Property Records, UCC, Criminal History Records, More... 
New! Verdicts & Dockets
All States...Verdicts, Settlements, Civil & Criminal Materials, Judgments & Liens, Litigation Materials, More... 
Shepard's® Citations Online
Full Shepard's® Citation Service... Validate Citations, Law Reviews, Statutes, Case History, Editorial Analysis, Citing References, More... 
Your State's Research Materials
Individual States... Case Law, Codes, Full Jurisdictional Shepard's® Citations, Administrative Materials, News, More... 
Nationwide Case Law & Codes
All States... Shepard's® Citations, Case Law, Legislative & Administrative Materials,
Federal Research Materials
Federal... Case Law, Codes, Shepard's® Citations, Administrative, Legislative, Secondary Sources, More... 
Mealey's Litigation Reports
Top Reports from Mealey Publications... Freelance Articles, Legal Newsletters, Applications, More...  
LexisNexis® All Services Library
Full LexisNexis® Research... Primary Law, Shepard's®, Secondary Analysis, News, Company Information,
LexisNexis® Electronic Advance Sheets
Comprehensive case summaries of breaking decisions by State, Federal and Practice Area levels and more delivered via email.  

Local & Global News & Information
US & International News... Newspapers, Magazines, Wire Services, Broadcast Transcripts, Abstract Materials, More... 
Company & Financial Information
Annual & International Reports, Newspapers, Magazines, Litigant & Product Articles - All inclusive Flexible Online Subscriptions through LexisNexis® by Credit Card 
Business News Information
Leading Business Sources... Business Week, Business Wire, Forbes, Fortune - All inclusive Flexible Online Subscriptions through LexisNexis® by Credit Card 
Major Newspapers
Leading US News... The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune - All inclusive Flexible Online Subscriptions through LexisNexis® by Credit Card 

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