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Controlling Redirects from the Google Cache

Question: I directed this question to Matt Cutts, a software engineer who is the head of Google's Webspam team.

I tried to use Google's text cache to find out when Google was last able to cache the Web page formerly at http://www.eurunion.org/infores/. I used the qualifier strip=1 so that the cache wouldn't draw from the site itself. The URL I entered was:

If you try this, you will see that the cache attempts to load, but then something (a redirect?) causes it to display a 404 error. Is my understanding - the text cache doesn't pull data from the site's servers - incorrect? Or is something else causing it not to open?

Matt Cutts: Good question. &strip=1 removes the JavaScript/images from a page, which prevents JavaScript redirects. It looks like this page has a meta refresh, which strip=1 doesn't remove. If you install the "RefreshBlocker" plugin for Firefox, then you can see the content:

<META http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;
This page has moved to a <A href="index.htm">new location</A>.

(I removed the spaces.)

Editor: Below is a screenshot of what you see with RefreshBlocker. Please note, as Matt indicates, the plugin works only when a Web page uses the meta tag, "refresh." It does not work to block Javascript redirects.



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