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Finding Antitrust Headlines for a News Feed Service

31 March 2003. A subscriber asked about the availability of free or low-cost news headlines that focus on antitrust issues. Pete Weiss created a search at Google that may help.

Pete Weiss: Try narrowing down from this list at Google.

Editor: You might try searching some of the headline news portals like NewsIsFree, Syndic8 or NewsNow. Find more links for headline portals in the Google Directory. Note the sources that retrieve relevant antitrust headlines. Check these services for the ability to create custom news feeds.

Topix.net, Yahoo News and AllHeadlineNews.com let you create keyword news feeds. Conduct a search of their media sources and look for the orange XML icon in the search results.

Also check out Declan McCullagh's Politech, which Syndic8 describes as a "moderated mailing list of politics and technology. Topics include privacy, free speech, the role of government and corporations, antitrust, and more." Declan McCullagh writes for Wired and CNet.


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